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Kick-Off Meeting

RISE Kick-off Meeting
LISBON 2010-2020 and the Socio-Economic Sciences

30 September 2009
University Foundation

The current financial crisis challenges the capacity of Europe to deal with issues of a world-wide impact. It calls for a reappraisal of our financial systems. It forces us to address potentially disruptive social developments such as rising unemployment and social exclusion. It urges us to redefine Europe┐s position in the world.

While dealing with these issues at short notice Europe must at the same time prepare for the future. We must devise a strategy how to come out of this situation fit for the future. In agreement with the envisaged LISBON Agenda 2010 ┐ 2020 this means that Europe must develop into a knowledge economy which is competitive as well as sustainable in a new global setting.

During the seminar leading academics will present their views on how the social sciences can contribute to meeting Europe┐s challenges and what is needed to make this happen. We will address the current situation as well as provide a perspective on long-term developments, as envisaged by the LISBON Agenda. The seminar will provide ample room for discussion between academics, politicians and policy makers.

The following themes will be adressed:
  • Financial Crisis
  • Labour Market
  • Data and Infrastructures
  • Europe in the World
  • (Measuring) the Impact of Social Sciences
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