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Building of UniversitÓ Bocconi

General Profile
Bocconi at a glance

General Profile
UniversitÓ Bocconi was established in Milan in 1902 as a private, independent, non-profit university, becoming the first Italian institution of higher education to grant a degree in economics. Today, Bocconi is considered the leading university in Business and Economics in Italy: it is the only Italian University represented in the top positions of the Financial Times rankings.

Bocconi is a research university of international standing by means of basic and applied research funded by national and supranational organizations. By partaking in a European and global network of international centres of economic knowledge, Bocconi exchanges faculty and cooperates on large projects with several like-minded worldwide universities and business schools. By cultivating close relations with firms, agencies, and their management and officials, Bocconi constantly interacts with the business and economic environment to assess new issues, implement new techniques, and start new research endeavours.

Bocconi at a glance
  • First international cooperation agreements in 1974
  • 2.300 international opportunities for students every year (study abroad and internships)
  • In 100 Countries
  • Over 190 exchange partner Schools
  • Almost 250 partner Institutions and Companies overseas
  • 1.000 incoming exchange students per year
  • Over 1.300 regularly enrolled international students
  • Double Degree Programs with 14 Partner Universities
  • 6 Master of Science and 1 Bachelor entirely taught in English
  • China and India Desks in Shanghai and Mumbai
  • CEMS founding member
  • PIM member since 1980
  • Member of: AACSB, ECGI, EFMD, EABIS
  • Accredited by Equis and Association of MBAs
  • 14,000 students (around 10% international students)
  • 1,400 faculty member, including academics, lecturers and professionals, of which:
    • 174 Full and Associate Professors
    • 78 Assistance Professors
    • 39 Full-time Researchers
    • 62 visiting professors
    • 600 administrative staff

According to the new 10-year strategic plan, Bocconi is structured around five major schools: Undergraduate School, Graduate School, Law School, PhD School, and, with a larger degree of autonomy, SDA Bocconi School of Management.

Bocconi grants Bachelor Degrees, Masters of Science, and PhDs in Management, Economics, Law, Statistics, and other disciplines. It also offers a number of post-experience programs, and administers hundreds of advanced courses to managers and professionals in all realms of private and public management.

Undergraduate School (BSc. - 3 years)
5 Degree Programmes, of which 1 in English
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Economics and Finance
  • Economics and Social Sciences
  • International Economics and Management (in English)
  • Culture and Communication
  • Economics and Management in Arts,
Graduate School (MSc. - 2 years) 10 Degree Programmes, of which 6 in English
  • Management
  • International Management (in English)
  • Marketing Management (in Italian and English)
  • Economic and Social Sciences (in Italian and English)
  • Finance (in Italian and English)
  • Accounting, Corporate Finance and Control
  • Economics and Management of Public Administration and International Institutions
  • Law and Business Administration
  • Economics and Management in Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment (in English)
  • Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology (in English)
School of Law (Combined Bachelor and Master of Science in Law - 5 years)
Double Degrees 14 Double Degree Programs with the following partner Universities:
HEC (Paris, France), ESADE (Barcelona, Spain), Rotterdam School of Management (the Netherlands), Copenhagen Business School (Denkmark), UniversitÚ Catholique de Louvain (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium), Sciences-Po (Paris, France), University of Geneva, (Switzerland), Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad, India), MGIMO (Moscow, Russia), New York State University at Albany (Albany, USA), St. Gallen University (Switzerland), Fundašao Getulio Vargas (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Fudan University (Shangai, China), Central European University (Budapest, Hungary).

PhD School 6 Programmes, of which 5 in English
  • Business Administration (in English)
  • Economics (in English)
  • Finance (in English)
  • International Law (in English)
  • Statistics (in English)
  • Law of Business and Commerce (in Italian)

SDA Bocconi School of Management
  • Full time (in English)
  • Global Executive (in English), in partnership with UCLA Andersen School of Management (Los Angeles, USA) and the Fudan University (Shangai, China)
  • Executive (in Italian)
  • Part time Executive (in Italian)
In addition, SDA Bocconi delivers 16 post experience and executive Masters, of which 7 in English.

Bocconi is a research university of international standing in business, economics, and law. Research is, in fact, at the heart of Bocconi┐s mission: it drives scientific and social progress and lays the basis for excellence in undergraduate and graduate education.

Bocconi is committed both to basic research, a long-term undertaking whose results can greatly affect our lives and our world, and applied research, a constant endeavour aimed at matters of a more practical nature or of direct interest to business and government.

Its research projects are funded by national and supranational institutions. By virtue of being a major node in the European and global network of business and economics universities, Bocconi exchanges faculty and cooperates on large projects with like-minded European and American universities and business schools. Bocconi has close relations with major corporations and international agencies, as well as their managers and officials, and constantly interacts with the business and economic environment to assess new issues, implement new techniques, and start new research endeavours.

  • Research Centres
    The University┐s research activities are performed mainly by Research Centres:
      ASK - Centre for Research on Management and Economics of Arts and Culture Institutions
    • "Paolo Baffi" Centre on Central Banking and Financial Regulation
    • CAFRA - Centre for Research on Corporate Administration, Finance and Regulation
    • CAREFIN - Centre for Applied Research in Finance
    • CERAP - Centre for Research on Insurance and Social Security
    • CERGAS - Centre for Research on Healthcare and Social Management
    • CERMES - Centre for Research on Markets and the Industrial Sector
    • CERTeT - Centre for Research on Regional Economics, Transport and Tourism
    • CERTI - Institute for Research on Business taxation
    • KITES - Knowledge, Internationalization and Technology studies 4
    • CRITOM - Centre for Research on Innovation, Technology and Operations Management
    • CRORA - Centre for Research on Business Organization
    • DONDENA - "Carlo F. Dondena" Centre for Research on Social Dynamics
    • ELEUSI - Centre for Research on Analysis and Systematic Use of Information
    • ENTER - Centre for Research on Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs
    • FINDUSTRIA - Centre for Finance and Industry Studies
    • IEFE - Centre for Research on Energy and Environmental Economics and Policy
    • IGIER - "Innocenzo Gasparini Institute for Economic Research" it operates jointly with two international bodies, the US-based National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), and the UK-based Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)
    • NEWFIN - Centre for Research on Financial Innovation
    • SPACE - Centre for Research on Security and Protection against Crime and Emergencies
    • ECONPUBBLICA - Centre for Research on the Public Sector
    • ISESAO - Centre for East Asian Economic and Social Studies
    • ISLA - Centre for Latin-American Studies and Transition Economies
    • POLEIS - Centre for Research on Comparative Politics
  • Research Partnership (FP6 and FP7)
    At present Bocconi is involved in a number of researches funded by the European Commission, eight of them are ongoing Framework Programme 6 projects. In addition, Bocconi's strong commitment and interest in research in the Socio-Economic Sciences is confirmed by the number of projects won in the first round of calls for proposals of the Framework Programme 7: 2 Staring Grants and 1 Advanced Grant of the European Research Council, 1 Marie Curie Initial Training Network and 10 Cooperation projects, for a total of 14 FP7 funded projects.

  • Library
    The Bocconi Library supports the educational and research mission of the university with up to date collections and quality services (off campus access to full text journals and databases, electronic course reserves, working group roooms, electronic document delivery). Collections are focused on economics and management and their completeness makes the library a landmark institution for the economic academic community in Italy.
    • Books and periodicals (items): 715,850
    • Periodical's titles: 10.500 (paper version), 14,400 (online)
    • Dissertation thesis: 51,274
    • Online data banks: 47
  • University Press
    Bocconi funded and owns Egea, a publishing and bookselling company. Born in 1988 for the diffusion of economic and business culture originating from Bocconi, Egea has subsequently enlarged its mission to cater to the reading needs of students, scholars, managers and professionals in all fields of business, economic and law.

    Moreover, under the imprint UniversitÓ Bocconi Editore (UBE), established in year 2000, Egea provides a devoted readership with international titles in world politics and social science.

    With a catalogue of 600 titles in print, Egea releases 90 new titles a year, published under the Egea and UniversitÓ Bocconi Editore, as well as several academic journals.


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