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General Profile
At a glance

General Profile
The Stockholm School of Economics, SSE is a private university with very little dependence on government support (about 10 percent of total revenue per annum) that trains young and midcareer women and men for leading positions in both the private and public sectors. About 1,900 students are registered in programs at various levels (the Executive Education Programs excluded). SSE research programs rank among the best in the world in areas such as Health Economics, Finance, Business Law and Economics, to name but a few.

SSE was founded in 1909 on the initiative of Swedish business leaders, and the School has maintained close ties with the business community ever since.

SSE has international presence in Riga and St. Petersburg/Moscow and is represented in other ways in Tokyo and Helsinki.

SSE operates an extensive Student Exchange Program with 60 of the world's most renowned business schools as our partner universities.

SSE collaborates with several leading institutions of higher education around the world. In 1999, SSE became the first Swedish university to be fully accredited by EQUIS (The European Quality Improvement System). SSE is the Swedish member institution of CEMS (The Community of European Management Schools) and the only Nordic representative in ICEDR (International Consortium for Executive Development Research), a society comprising the 25 foremost business schools (Harvard University, MIT, Wharton, among others) of business and 40 of the leading corporations (ABB, Deutsche Bank, Unilever, Ericsson to mention a few) in the world.

At a glance
A leading international business school, founded in 1909 with close ties to Swedish and international business and international presence:
  • About 1,900 students are registered in programs at various levels (the Executive Education Programs excluded)
  • Some 260 employees, faculty members and administrative staff
  • Two three year bachelor programs, from fall 2009 two Masters program (in Business and Economics) and a General Management program
  • Executive Education through IFL vid Handelshögskolan (IFL at SSE) and though SSE Executive MBA
    • 60 SSE Partner Universities (PIM and CEMS)
    • 120 business and financial partners

Strategic choices

  • Focus on core areas
  • High quality in research and education
  • ONE brand strategy
  • Business school rather than research institute
  • Research based education
  • Regional bachelor program
  • International master programs
  • PhD, MBA
  • Top three in Europe
  • Capital Campaign (Centennial Celebration 2009)
  • Some Statistics
    • 84 % of MSc students are employed upon graduation
    • 94 % of MSc students are employed after three months
    • high ratio of faculty and researchers to students (37 professors)
    • MSc student body in 2008 composed of 63 % men and 37 % women
    • 21 PhD dissertations 2007
    • Financial Time rankings, 2008
    • Masters in Management, MSc 12/50
    • Executive Education, Custom programs, 11/65

Faculties and students
  • Undergraduates, 1 500
  • New structure adds, 600
  • PhD, 110 (180)
  • Faculty, 90
  • Support staff, 90

  • SSE association, 30 %
  • Other donations, Corporate, 30 %
  • Governmental funding, 20 %
  • External Grants, 10 % (20 %)
  • Others, 10 %

  • Salaries, 65 % (out of which 42 % faculty)
  • Rents, 15 %
  • Others, 20 %

SSE Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics, Stockholm (3 years)
The program leads to a SSE Bachelor of Science (BSc), Business and Economics. The first twoyears consist of mandatory courses. During the third year, students will choose two out of five specializations, equivalent of 30 ECTS credits, and write a paper within the field of one of the specializations. A limited Student Exchange Program will also be offered. Please note that the program requires fluency in Swedish.

SSE Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business, Riga (3 years)
SSE operates a highly competitive Bachelor's Program in Riga, Latvia. The program is conducted entirely in English.

SSE Bachelor of Science in Retail Management, Norrtälje (3 years)
A highly specialized bachelor's program in Retail Management is offered by SSE at Campus Roslagen in Norrtälje. Please note that Swedish is required.

SSE MSc Program in Business and Economics (2 years)
The program welcomes applications from students with a Bachelor's degree in Business and Economics or equivalent. Students choose a specialization in either Marketing, Management, Accounting, Finance or Economics. Within the specialization students write a Master's thesis of 30 ECTS credits. During the second year of the Master's Program students can apply to the CEMS program. It is during the second year also possible to participate in the Student Exchange Program.

SSE MSc Program in General Management (2 years)
SSE offers a Master of Science Program in General Management geard towards ambitious students who have a bachelor's degree in an other subject than economics and business. The program is conducted in English and encourages application from abroad.
The MSc in General Management offers a solid theoretical base combined with practical skills training. The master's students will work on real-life projects and acquire a good understanding of the full business model and how its different parts are related and work together. The program helps students to understanding every aspect of the business - from idea generation and strategy, through sales, marketing and operations to finance, accounting and organizational structure.

Executive MBA at SSE
The Executive MBA at the Stockholm School of Economics is an intensive two-year general management education for experienced professionals. The Executive MBA program at the Stockholm School of Economics has developed a structure that focuses on flexibility, breadth and depth as a means of offering participants more choice in their areas of specialization while maintaining high academic quality.
The goal of the SSE Executive MBA program is not to offer a prefabricated "Executive MBAin-a-box" but rather to provide the best and most challenging Executive MBA possible for each specific group of participants. Pedagogically, SSE Executive MBA focuses on acquisition of new knowledge through theoretical and empirical studies, with a strong focus on use of the knowledge in the participant's daily working environment. Reflection is an integral and critical part of this learning process.
The aim is to combine knowledge, experience and excellent learning processes. Thus our professors bring with them not only academic knowledge, but also information and knowledge from research carried out in close conjunction with industry.

Other Programs
In addition to the Bachelor's and Master's programs described above, SSE offers a PhD program as well as several executive MBA programs (in Sweden, Russia and Latvia).

A close relationship between education and research is a trademark of the Stockholm School of Economics. SSE's research activities in economics, management, law and related disciplines are also extensive when compared with those at many other prominent European schools and universities.
At SSE research is grouped into several research areas and carried out in a number of research institutes. In total there are some 300 active researchers at SSE, including 45 full professors and 120 associate and assistant professors.

SSE conducts research and education within economics, business administration and related disciplines. Responsibility for education rests on six departments while research is organized into three research institutes with connected research centres. Furthermore a number of research institutes are associated to the School.

  • Department of Management and Organization
  • Department of Accounting
  • Department of Marketing and Strategy
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Finance
  • Department of Supporting Sciences
    -Economic Statistics and Decision Support

Research Institutes within SSE
  • EFI - The Economic Research Institute
  • CERC - China Economic Research Center at the Stockholm School of Economics

SSE runs a full service library. Its mission is to support the Institutes teaching and research and the students studying and it also welcomes external academic or professional users. The library holds a vast number of database and catalogue services in addition to the physical books.


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