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How Contemporary Multinational Companies Compete Gobally

Contact Stockhom School of Economics for this project

Department Marketing and Strategy PO Box 6501
SE 11383 Stockholm
+ 46 8 7369000

For sub-project 1:
Prof. Udo Zander
For sub-project 2:
Dr. Henrik Glimstedt
For sub-project 3:
Dr. Patrick Regnér
For sub-project 4:
Prof. Udo Zander
For sub-project 5:
Prof. Carl Fey
For sub-project 6:
Dr. Henrik Glimstedt

This researche programme explores how MNCs engage in strategically choosing and managing different kinds of industrial configurations (¿worlds of production¿) under globalization, and how these strategic choices raise different perspectives, risks and benefits in outsourcing. In this respect, the research intends to inform the discussion on (a) opportunities and dangers in the global economy depending on strategic orientation, (b) diversity in pathways to success, and (c) the management of interfaces under increasing international specialization. In addition, the project involves three cross-cutting themes: Strategic Management, Organization and Management, and People and Global Hi-Tech Labor Markets.


  • Sub-Project 1: Knowledge and Learning in the Context of MNC Strategies
  • Sub-Project 2: The Creation of New Industries and Technology Markets ¿ Industrial collective action in open technologies
  • Sub-Project 3: Inertia and Innovation in Swedish MNCs
  • Sub-project 4: Management by Company Philosophy: Managing cultural differences under globalization
  • Sub-project 5: The Effect of Host Country on MNC Knowledge Networks: A multi-level approach
  • Sub-Project Title 6: Globalization of the High-tech Labor Force: Government policy and business strategy in a dynamic development process

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