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Challenges in the care sector

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Henk Garretsen
Chair Tranzo
Tilburg University
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Susana Gorbeña Etxebarria
Department of Personality
Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciences
48007 - Bilbao - Spain
Phone: +34 944 139058
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Tilburg University

The development of an intersectoral, evidence based community health policy is a major future challenge for European societies. This is true for the nationwide level, for the regional and for the local level. Health policy should be as evidence based as possible, meaning that possible health interventions are based on the best scientific evidence. Main research questions are:
- which lifestyle factors and other determinants are the most important ones in influencing the health of the population?
- Which possible interventions and regulations are proven effective?
- What should be done at the nationwide level, the regional level and the local level to enhance implementation of evidence based health policy and how should this be interlinked?

Relevance to future of European societies
No doubt health is (one of the) major topics for the future of Europe. This is true for the people themselves and for the European societies as a whole. Besides, health has an influence on labourparticipation and productivity, and, the socio economic factors in general and labour in particular have an influence on health. Future challenges include demographic changes, new major threats to health and the rapid development of new technologies.

University of Deusto

Deusto has a long tradition of undergraduate and graduate training in Clinical Psychology and Mental Health with strong liaisons with the community and the health care sector.

The main focus of interest in the care sector in mental health and psychological disorders (depression, anxiety¿.). We are designing an intervention and research unit within the university that will be launched in October 2008. Our focus is in the neuropsychological basis of mental disorders, assessment and evidence based psychotherapies and interventions.

We will be willing to collaborate with other European teams in evaluation of effectiveness of treatment modalities. We also work on health psychology issues such as psychological on line interventions for children with rare neuromuscular diseases.

There is a history of cooperation with the European unit in themes of health. There is also a cluster of health industries which is coordinated by Deusto. These relate to the work being done in different units of Europe at the level of regions and the development of health innovation, particularly in the field of health management systems. In this context, some work is also done in the Faculty of sociology in the social contexts for a number of illnesses and particularly in mental health. The group, with significant European and international connections considers the topic of high relevance for the future of Europe.
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